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April 16, 2016
Riverside Restaurant - Pizza
La Mangiatoia may be the Italian term for a farmyard feeding trough for pets. It’s an apt name for this Riverside Italian restaurant because the whopping portions suggest you’re guaranteed in full a feed.
The chef-owner-waiter Alessandro lives in Tuscany along with his considerable selection contains hearty comfort meals from bruschettas and focaccias to pizzas and pastas.

The decoration is no-frills and also this is mirrored in rates also - pastas weigh-in across the £7.50 level, meat dishes around £6.95 and 12 inch pizzas around £7.50.

The bargain goes on with the BYOB plan with corkage of £1 a mind. Cans of my old favourite chinotto (£1.55) can also be found if you’re looking for a bittersweet fix.

To start out, 6 mahoosive tender king prawns had been supported in a potent chilli and garlic sauce. Newly baked breads privately was warm and crisp with a good chew. At £6.50 it was seriously good value.

Bruscetta Fireneze (£5.75) was also supported on the same exceptional bread. Oozy mozzarella, wilted spinach leaves, black colored olives, ricotta shavings and a drizzle of balsamic were a great mixture of toppings. Arguably, it would happen improved by softer ricotta which may have added some additional dampness.

Onto mains and a groaning plate of linguini (£7.50) was served with a light sauce of anchovies, fresh tomatoes, artichokes and black olives. This was an easy but tasty tasting plate.

Pizza (£7.95) had been very good with a well raised rim and a thick, crisp and chewy base. Toppings of herby Italian sausage, crisp pepperoni, light tomato sauce and gooey mozzarella were on nail. This twelve inch juggernaut could most likely serve two therefore it’s well worth noting that smaller nine inch pizzas are also available.

A huge plate of tiramisu (£4.50) was excellent - the sponge hands, well-soaked in a variety of coffee and booze, were topped with light mascarpone, fresh strawberries and cocoa dust.

Supper at La Mangiatoia had been lovely and an absolute take. This a fantastic small neighbourhood restaurant that is definitely worth a trip.

The Important Points:

Address - La Mangiatoia, 26a Clare Street, Riverside, Cardiff CF11 6BB

Phone - 98
Source: gourmetgorro.blogspot.com
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