Port Gaverne Hotel, Cornwall

November 23, 2015
Port Gaverne Hotel, Cornwall

If you are planning to visit Port Gaverne or Port Isaac and looking for the place to stay, Port Gaverne Hotel can become your best choice. The hotel once was a large inn where villagers and ship workers of bustling trading port were able to find lodging, food, and drink.

The cozy 19th-century inn remains until today, right in the hub of the village. 15 bedrooms have been transformed into comfortably furnished, well-maintained and spotlessly clean en-suites, each equipped with modern technologies starting from Sky TV to Nespresso Coffee machines. Each room in the hotel is unique: here you will find antique furniture, nooks, and crannies reminding you of inn's traditional quirky character. The staff of the hotel will do their best to make you feel at home. You can even take your dog with you, both to apartments and the restaurant.

As the Port Gaverne is an old place, access is provided via narrow, fairly steep but still amazingly beautiful staircase. Most of the guests see it as the advantage. Still, if you think that this can cause some problems, you can always contact the hotel to discuss your requirements.

After your arrival, the hotel will treat you with delicious Cornish biscuits. Also, you will have a great opportunity to relax in its popular bar, sit outside on the wide terrace or enjoy the sunny beer garden.

What is more, the Port Gaverne Restaurant and Hotel can treat you with a ultra-fresh, coastal, no-ego food. The restaurant has a team of professionals who learned from the Uk's top Michelin-star chefs, so you can expect the best restaurant experience.

The food in the restaurant is always fresh as possible, as it comes right from Jim's boat, just 50 yards from the front door. What is more, the Port Gaverne Restaurant has an eclectic and surprising wine menu. And for sure, here you will be able to sample some of the greatest and to order a glass, half bottle, or ass you wish of those you love most. All you have to do is to do tell the staff your requirements and to enjoy your stay at the Port Gaverne Restaurant and Hotel.


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