Cornwall Sustainable Tourism Project

May 11, 2017

Polhawn Fort

Workshop review

What are the results: The Eden Project is an original organisation; a personal enterprise, an educational charity, a tourism destination, an exemplar of regeneration. This program sets Eden in the Cornish context and explores the project’s aspiration is a sustainable organisation, launching the thought of the Triple Bottom Line and our work as a social enterprise. The session provides practical instances and real world contexts to surface your students’ mastering.

This classroom-based program links highly with Geography and Tourism an even syllabuses. We enable the students to inquire of concerns and develop a running dialogue with us through the entire interative program. After this there is certainly an optional task linked to the content the pupils can complete across web site.

Location: This happens in a workshop area inside our purpose-built education center, with a recommended follow-up task over the Eden web site.

Skills and curriculum backlinks

This workshop makes it possible for pupils to:

  • research the Eden Project for example of a renewable visitor destination including positive and negative impacts in the neighborhood economy, environment and community
  • learn how the Eden venture is operate as a renewable business and social enterprise studying the personal, financial and environmental influence regarding the project on its partners and environments
  • gain an understanding of Eden’s altruistic work and cooperation with local communities

We have designed the workshop to fit here Geography and Tourism A level syllabuses:

  • Edexcel used Travel and Tourism product 7: accountable tourism, 7.1, 7.3, 7.5
  • OCR Geography 3.2 AS Unit F762: Managing change in Human Environments
  • OCR Applied Tourism 3.12 A2 Device G731: Ecotourism

Additionally provides material aimed extending students thinking beyond the specs.

Useful information

The workshop costs £10.40 per pupil, with a minimum charge of £110 per team (includes VAT). The team size is versatile. The price includes:

  • a facilitated 1-hour session with this knowledge Team plus research material to remove
  • task for this taught session to stimulate students’ thinking whenever they’re on trips on site (optional)
  • no-cost usage of the complete Eden site during the day
  • if required, a base for your bags in our purpose-built knowledge centre, The Core
  • no-cost entry for accompanying grownups (1 no-cost adult to each and every 15 students)

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