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June 27, 2016
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Pirate FM launches two more stereo

Two brand new radio stations are increasingly being established by Pirate FM shortly – with one featuring the relaxing soundscapes of Cornish views.

The other, an all oldies station, will play music through the 50s to the 80s, focussing on 60s and seventies.

The join Pirate FM and Pirate 2, taking the final number of channels to broadcast from UKRD in the region to four.

Publish Director of “Escape”, Isha Pit stated: “There is absolutely nothing much better than finding yours area in Cornwall on a beautiful sunshiney day, shutting your eyes and escaping from this all. So Now You should be able to enjoy that anytime, without worrying all about being assaulted by marauding seagulls.”

Pirate Oldies will have fun with the loves of ABBA, Diana Ross and The Beatles, and gives a ‘never significantly more than one minute from another great tune’ vow.

Pirate FM’s handling Director, Mark Peters, stated: “Pirate FM already hits even more audience than any other neighborhood station within our location every week. But we continuously hear exactly what our audience tells us they like and dislike. They’ve asked for more Marvin Gaye, Rolling Stones and Queen – and less advertisements. So now we’re releasing a brand new radio section supplying exactly that – and absolutely nothing but that.

Escape“Pirate Oldies is geared towards all ages. We think great music is very good songs when it was made and it also’s no real surprise more and more younger people are discovering classic tracks that have been recorded long before these were produced. Pirate Oldies is a journey of breakthrough whenever a visit down memory lane.”

The move sees a go back to Plymouth for Cornish radio place, since Pirate Oldies may be available on DAB transmitters on both sides of this Tamar. It coincides with a project to improve DAB coverage into the southwest through a roll off extra transmitters, increasing the number of individuals in a position to grab digital radio.

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