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September 23, 2016
Of restaurants in St Ives

The Mermaid Seafood Restaurant, St Ives, Cornwall.The Mermaid is found inside old fishing one-fourth, which is the older and more appealing section of St. Ives, known as “Down-A-Long”. The thin cobbled streets, ablaze with blossoms in springtime and summer months, are as charming and fascinating whilst the name reveals.

The Mermaid began its quite interesting life as a “Sail Loft” where sails and nets were kept and mended. In 1904 it became “Tucker’s Pop Factory” had by the Tucker household, and to this day it's still known affectionately by residents as Tucker’s. Lemonade ended up being made and bottled within factory when you look at the old fashioned containers with marble stoppers. The marbles had been quite popular with children, who does break the bottles to obtain the marbles to relax and play with. The containers today are very collectable - we ourselves are luckily enough to have been able to get some Tucker’s memorabilia, which we now have on display at the club. From bottling plant the containers were packed on to a horse and cart powering the building, in later times John Tucker bought a Ford sedan that he removed the rear, which makes it into a dray - indeed Mrs. Tucker ended up being initial lady motorist in Cornwall and drove toward age of eighty-four. In the summer months a supplementary five ladies were taken on to assistance with manufacturing. Sadly, though, considering much more strict health regulations and to strong competitors, the ”Pop Factory” closed in the 1950s.

Following the factory was vacant for a couple years, Francis Coudrill renovated it and turned it into The Mermaid Studio. Francis, of television popularity, had been responsible for the the smoothness Hank, which appeared because of the BBC for several years. When Francis retired it had been transformed all over again - this time around into a wine bar then later however into a restaurant. This transformation ended up being done-by Norman Coburn - once more of tv popularity - he plays Fisher in Home and Away. In 1980 it was absorbed by its present owners with completely reconstructed it with love and care and who possess managed to get probably St. Ives’ best and successful restaurant.

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