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March 24, 2024
So long, pardner: What was

Google Different: A spokesman said the latest resort wouldn't normally look like Alton Towers

The creator of Alton Towers has actually announced he will change a Cornish theme playground into a "premier European resort".

John Broome has verified he has got bought Cornwall's Crealy Great Adventure Park, near Wadebridge, and nearly 200 miles of adjoining farmland.

The task includes as much as 236 holiday villas, courtyard properties, tree houses, a share, spa, restaurant, pub and convention centre plus the largest tropical pond in Britain.

A spokesman insisted the playground will never look like Alton Towers and there is no big rides like the Smiler, which crashed in June, leading to four folks being seriously injured.

The spokesman, John Williams, said the growth would produce at the least 950 brand new
full-time jobs and building could come from this new 12 months.


The plans tend to be yet becoming placed before Cornwall Council, but Jeremy Rowe, Cornwall councillor the area, described all of them as "very interesting".

He stated: "i am always keen for folks to consider your local area when it comes to the possibility for more work... but it is surely got to be sensitive and in maintaining the location and possesses having a solid degree of regional assistance for me personally."

Cornwall's 111-acre Crealy site attracts up to 200, 000 site visitors annually and is popular with small kids. It was voted the very best household Attraction in Cornwall inside Major days Reader Star Awards in 2012, 2013 and 2014.

Mr Broome took control of Alton Towers when you look at the 1970s, making it an important motif park before selling towards Tussauds Group in 1990.

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