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June 15, 2016
Standard Freeholder

Cornwall Community Police providerA 21-year-old man from Cornwall is facing four charges after police had been called to analyze a Feb. 26 incident.

Police alleged the man threw a 22-year-old guy known to him on a lawn, and threatened him with a blade. Police situated the suspect on March 1 and arrested him.

Thomas Bodin, 21, was charged with attack, assault with a tool, ownership of a weapon for a dangerous function and threats. He had been held in police custody pending a bail hearing.

Harassment, attack, mischief

A 50-year-old man from Cornwall is facing three costs after authorities investigated a number of situations that happened in February.

Police alleged the person communicated with an ex-girlfriend despite having already been informed to not ever do so. Additionally, officials alleged the man had pushed his gf and damaged a number of the woman home. On March 1, the man decided to go to police head office and was arrested.

The man, whoever title had not been released as it might determine the prey, had been charged with criminal harassment, assault and mischief. He was held in police custody pending a bail hearing.

Tire slashed

a stated tire slashing has actually resulted in two charges for a 22-year-old man from Cornwall.

Authorities alleged the person slashed the tire on a 33-year-old man's automobile on Feb. 14.

Brandon Compeau, 22, ended up being faced with mischief and possession of a gun for a dangerous function on March 1. He had been introduced from custody to arise in Cornwall judge may 5.

Mischief charge

Police giving an answer to a disruption turn to Feb. 29 finished up charging a 44-year-old man from Cornwall with mischief.

Police alleged the person punched a wall surface at their girlfriend's residence during a disagreement. Officers witnessed the event because they had been currently current for various other telephone call.

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