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May 6, 2016
Other beaches around St Ives

Lanyon's Surroundings (5 times)


Tutors: Liz Hough
Dates: 14th Mar 2016 - eighteenth Mar 2016

Find out the trick of creating lively and contemporary landscapes. This course includes a feld visit to minimal Travalgan, Peter Lanyon’s favourite place in West Penwith, with stunning 360° panoramic views of peninsula. The sketches and artistic records made here would be transformed back in the studio, into dynamic compositions utilizing paint and collage. The third time will be a self-study day, providing time and area to experiment with everything have actually learnt. The fnal day will bring collectively all of your learning beneath the guidance associated with the tutor.

Imaginative Weekender - Advancing your Mixed Media Painting


Tutors: Kerry Harding
Dates: nineteenth Mar 2016 - twentieth Mar 2016

Progress from past combined news courses, build your self-confidence and help your landscape-painting relocate to the next degree. Explore inventive and tactile uses of paint to mention your private experience of place. You will find brand-new perspectives on artwork procedure while increasing and refresh your painting language.

Expressive Landscape in Watercolour


Tutors: Hilary Jean Gibson
Dates: twenty-first Mar 2016 - 23rd Mar 2016

Develop a totally free and lively method of artwork with watercolour, a dynamic and versatile medium. Try out various scales and bring in combined news to take it easy your method. You can expect to grow your abilities in applying washes, structure, surface and color blending. Depict Land, sky and boundless seascapes, inspired by Porthmeor coastline together with remarkable high cliffs and rock structures. This is a great course if you should be a novice or you simply want to take it easy your path of working.

Expressive Still Life

Tutors: Gary Longer
Dates: twenty-first Mar 2016 - 23rd Mar 2016

This program will build your skills and confidence in order to develop rich and expressive oil paintings. You will see to recapture the form, colour and essence of a still life arrangement of springtime plants. The tutor will make suggestions in usage of essential oils so you develop your own wealthy painterly design. Bold colourful arrangements inside studio will probably be your determination and you will run both fabric and board using brush and palette blade.

in which water Meets Land


Tutors: Gary Longer
Dates: 29th Mar 2016 - first Apr 2016

Explore an expressive approach to capture in natural oils the remarkable encounter involving the sea while the land. On visits to beaches around St Ives, you will learn and sketch the coast. You will see how to make use of gouache in order to make annotations on color and climate. In the studio, develop these artistic notes and sketches into vibrant and remarkable oil paintings. You can expect to gain self-confidence in using a finite palette and use a palette blade to recapture crisis and movement.

Advancing Abstraction - The Act of Painting


Tutors: Marion Taylor, Kerry Harding
Level: knowledge advised
Dates: 4th Apr 2016 - 8th Apr 2016

Our Advancing Abstraction series will help you bring your strive to the following amount. This version offers Cornwall based musicians and artists Kerry Harding and Marion Taylor who explore a paint and process led strategy.

Simplicity and kind

Tutors: Emma McClure
Dates: 4th Apr 2016 - 5th Apr 2016

Would you like to produce a straightforward still life that is bold and striking? Emma will give out the secrets of utilizing radiant color and playful compositions generate your personal painting. You will see additional skills, tips on utilizing attracting to prepare your painting and go on to working with acrylic on-board. It should be a perfect course if you are new to artwork or just would like to try away a fresh strategy. Musicians eg Winifred Nicholson and Craigie Aitchison would be the starting point when it comes to 2 days. Capture the essential nature of a topic in a fresh and colourful way and take away a finished piece of content

Tutors: Gary Long
Dates: 6th Apr 2016 - 8th Apr 2016

Reinterpreting the Figure


Tutors: Liz Luckwell, Ilker Cinarel
Dates: 11th Apr 2016 - fifteenth Apr 2016

This program is approximately discovering creative ways to capture the real human kind. Through exercises and experimenting with materials, you'll explore three key techniques. Bust out of the constraints of realism, explore the use of area and use the effectiveness of the accidental to tap into your emotional instincts and imagination.

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