Equestrian tourism in Port Isaac

February 7, 2022
Port Isaac - The Old School

Port Isaac is a beautiful and cozy town where you can enjoy the beauties of the local nature, delicious English cuisine and the rustle of the waves.

Recently, many tourists are tired of noisy cities and ordinary excursions, when sights can only be seen from the bus. In this case, you can try something new. For example, why not go to some region where such a type of recreation as equestrian tourism is quite developed? In our age, such walks are still popular. Moreover, they are considered the most romantic if you choose the right place and time. Get around Port Isaac on horseback so you can see even more sights and do it faster than on foot.

Don't forget the equipment

Do not forget to bring the necessary equipment for horseback riding: a saddle, horsecloth, bridle and of course your safety stirrups. If you don’t have such stirrups, then it’s time to get them, because they save the rider from falling due to magnets of different poles located in the stirrup itself and in the insole.

Smart Savings

If you haven't ordered anything from Ophena yet, you'll even get a 5% discount for you first order.

And if you already have such stirrups, but they cannot be used for aesthetic reasons, you can save 20% on new stirrups by utilizing the old ones. However, you should know that the old stirrups must be in working condition, they will be checked by the Ophena team.

Choice of stirrups

You can choose between two chic Ophena S or Ophena S Pro models, then choose the right size and even color for your stirrups. After receiving the product, you will have a 60-day money-back guaranteewhen you can test and fall in love with this irreplaceable part of your favorite activity.

Photo by Enric Cruz López from Pexels

Detailed Hotels Map of Port Isaac, North Cornwall
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